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November 22, 2011 by Daniel Horne  
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Ever since the invention and development of gaming platforms, video games have been a staple in the electronics world. Out of thousands of titles released by hundreds of software companies, one game has repeatedly smashed records. Tetris is arguably the single most successful computer game ever invented. It’s been translated into over 50 languages, is played in over 50 countries, and is currently played more than a million times a day. With it’s addition to online gaming, there are even several places where you can play free Tetris games.

The game was originally created and released in June of 1984. The designer was a man named Alexey Pajitnov who was a Russian scientist. A year later, the game ended up on the IBM PC and proliferated throughout the Soviet Union. The initial porting to the PC from the company where Alexey worked, was to cause a great deal of controversy in years to come.

The reasons for this basically lie in the fact that so many people claimed to possess the rights to the software. But, often times their claims were based in unvalidated deals. From 1984, when it was first developed, through until 1989, the software was involved in a host of legal battles. All of these battles centered on who was legally licensed to market and sell the software.

But, in truth, the one underlying reason for the battles was because the game was so good. No matter the platform, or the company that sold it, wherever it was introduced, it was an instant success. In 1988, a Dutch video games publisher and designer by the name of Henk Rogers came across the game while in Las Vegas at a trade show.

His influence on the future of this game was to be very significant. In the years between 1989 and 2006, there was to be a great deal of successful introductions to new markets. Nintendo’s Game Boy platform, the Japanese mobile phone market, and even multiple airlines all saw the introduction of this game and it’s immediate subsequent success.

As hand held devices proliferated, so too did the game. It wasn’t long before it took over Korea, Europe, and spread all over North America as well. No sooner was an iPhone and iPod compatible version developed, did it top the charts. Instantly it became the top ranked downloaded game on the Apple platform. Something that always seems to surprise people is just how simple the game play is. It’s basically a puzzle game.

It’s played by turning different shapes as they drop into a rectangular playing field. The shapes [called tetriminos] are rotated by the player as they fall. The goal is to employ the shapes to create a straight line across the bottom of the ‘field’. The only rule is the lines can have no gaps. The minute you create a clean line, it disappears. The shapes that were atop it, drop, and the goal becomes to ‘clear’ more lines. For every ten lines ‘cleared’ the player gets to another level. But with every level, there’s more speed to the falling shapes.

Sometimes it is the simplest play that is the most addictive. This puzzle game has been the recipient of quite a few awards, and is available in almost every gaming platform there is. It’s hugely successful, and with the launch of online versions, you can see for yourself by finding free Tetris games and playing them online.

Everyone has played the Tetris Game at some time or another. If you’re hooked on Tetris then you can play free Tetris games online.

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