Need To Do Xbox 360 Repair – Learn How Here

January 13, 2012 by Tomass Windmill  
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Don’t Waste Your Time With Microsoft – Do Your Own Xbox 360 Fix

Quick Help Regarding Xbox 360 Problems

After spending so much money on Xbox 360 you cannot use to its total potential, thanks to the blunders that keep on showing time on time. This is standard and you aren’t the only one with xbox 360 issues. Game-players all around the planet struggle too.

Few of the error messages are of minor nature and severity but few like the Red Ring of Death won’t go away unless you fix it properly. If you haven’t tried fixing Xbox 360′s Red Ring of Death before then don’t worry, I will show you a step by step approach of solving this error.

Red Ring of Death customarily appertains to 3 red lights glowing on the Xbox console. To start, like with all kinds of PCs, you can try restarting the console, if that does not work then try a fuller approach. Sometimes , a full xbox 360 mend is necessary in this situation, but it’s sensible to try the basic strategies, before doing any further work.

Turn off Xbox utterly, remove all power wires, plugs from electrical socket and leads attached to the console as well, and then connect all wires and marginals again. See whether the issue continues then move on to next tip.

Now we’re moving to intense measures, you have got to take away the drive and after turning it off again, turn the console on without drive, hopefully the three LED, those forming Red Ring of Death, won’t show up. If they don’t show, switch it off, insert the drive back in and turn it on. This suggests that you have fixed Xbox 360′s Red Ring of Death, congratulations.

During the whole procedure do check the power supply light, even if all the red lights are glowing, the power supply light should be green. This is the problem that many experts fail to solve, so if you’re doing the xbox 360 fix yourself, then keep this in mind and don’t forget about it.

It’s better to learn how to do your own xbox 360 repair, rather than waste your time with Microsoft xbox 360 repair, spending 200 bucks and waiting 2 months.

The Art Of Gold Mining

January 12, 2012 by Daniel Horne  
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Since the second century many people have been gold mining in one way or another. Some experts believe that mining was started in India. It is almost impossible to prove were it all began though. As the years have gone by various different methods have been used to varying degrees of success. During the gold rush in California which happened between eighteen forty eight and eighteen fifty five many new methods were discovered and quickly caught on with the rest of the world.

One of the first techniques used was the very basic method known as panning. Here people would fill a large shallow pan with gravel and sand which could contain the precious metal. The pan would then be submerged in some water and then shaken gently. The metal would quickly separate from the other materials and settle at the bottom. This is a simple and effective method but is not suitable for extracting large amounts of gold.

Another simple method that was commonly used is called dredging. This includes the use of a machine and a hose which was used to suck the materials from the seabed into a sluice box where the metal can be extracted. These days this method has been replaced by more effective methods but a few people do still use this, possibly as a hobby.

In years gone by the majority of people would look for gold by wading through riverbeds and using different techniques such as those already mentioned. This is mainly done by people as a hobby now because most of the worlds gold now comes from beneath the earth. To get to it large corporations spend a lot of money on technology and experts to help locate the areas to be mined.

These companies employ the use of geologist to help find the ideal areas for digging. They then expertly drill many hundreds of meters below the earths surface through hard rock. Gold mining through this hard rock produces the majority of our worlds supply of the precious metal.

There is no doubt that this is an exceptional metal which has a high value and also lots of different uses. During the medieval times it was used as medicine to help cure various diseases because it was thought that a metal this striking must be good for a persons health. These days it is used for whole host of things including fillings for our teeth and ingredients for our food.

It is a widely used metal and will be most notable for use in the making of certain jewelry. In many Asian countries it has a lot of religious importance. The versatility and importance of this metal goes even further. It is a high electrical conductive material and so is used in things like personal computers, televisions and many other electrical equipment.

The worlds supply of the most amazing metal seems to be endless but it has become less easy to find. New inventive ways of finding it will no doubt always be developed as technology advances. Mining is big business these days and the gold is more valuable than ever before.

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All There Is To Know About The History Of Skateboarding

January 11, 2012 by Daniel Horne  
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The four-wheeled wooden board made was made for skateboarding which began in the early 1950′s where sidewalk surfing was practiced. Finding out about the history of skateboarding begins way back to the 1940′s or the beginning of the 1950′s.

The skateboards were created with wooden boards and roller skates stuck on the bottom. They looked like scooters. The wooden board had a milk crate and a handle attached to it for support. As time passed, the look was changed by removing the crate and started to use it on two by fours with steel wheels. You can imagine how many injuries occurred at that time, not having any protection. It is unknown who began this creation, but we do know that a few people came up with the idea all at the same time.

It all began with surfing in the streets right across California. The popularity grew in the late 1950′s where surfing hit the highest popularity. People began surfing on s board riding waves as they tie surfed around.

In the late 1950′s the first professional skateboards built went up for sale. This is when it became even more popular. In the mid 1970′s, parks began being built all over. The first one created was in Florida. In 1963 competitions were held mostly downhill and freestyle. Companies began producing skateboards with clay heads.

The skating popularity died down suddenly unexpected. People thought that it was no longer in fashion seeing it wasn’t any longer around. The companies closed down and anyone who still wanted practicing or creating one had to do it on their own.

Around the start of the 1970′s urethane skateboards were created. It is wheels that are used today which are boards with metal wheels. Fiberglass boards were next created at the same time. They are very popular like the sport we see today. Moves that were popular were created becoming a popularity never seen before. Another downfall occurred which caused parks to close down. Skaters build their own ramps at home to continue to skate. The creation of skateboards by professionals were created, but they did not succeed.

Game commercials began around the 1990′s making skating even more popular. Professionals pushed themselves making the sport even more popular than ever. The Extreme game that was held, became a huge success. Skaters around the year 2000′s accepted the production of video games. They are enjoyed by many kids and adults all over, in the presence of their home or at friends homes. Many kids love challenging their friends playing this sport as a video game. The production of many different ones have been released and are still being made as time passes by.

Skateboarding is practiced for fun by many adults and children. If the proper protection is put on, it can be a safe and pleasurable sport to play. This is enjoyed with the presence of many friends making it even more fun to do.

This is one sport that has no wrong or right. It can be enjoyed by many individuals who like this sport, and enjoy skating. Parks have been built to make your play time even more fun.By getting together with family and friends you can create the most memorable memories ever.

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Some Of The Best Zombie Movies Of All Time

January 10, 2012 by Daniel Horne  
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Zombies are fictional beings that are depicted in films and television as undead people or reanimated dead bodies. Early zombie movies were initially listed as part of the horror genre but, with time, the undead beings became more of a celebrated device and garnered their own genre. Zombie movies are popular because they have elements like flesh eating beings, exciting plots, and a broken or a post apocalyptic society. While usually defined as horror movies, the films have been known to cross into other types such as comedy and action as well and the best 5 zombie movies of all time include examples of them both.

The movie that essentially started everything, “Night of the Living Dead”, is an independently made thriller that was written by the infamous George Romero in the late sixties. The movie depicts zombies as slow walkers and mindless beings who crawl out of their graves with an overwhelming hunger for living flesh. The story follows a group of seven survivors as they seek shelter in a farm house and try to live through the night. George Romero has sometimes been called the ‘Father of the Zombie” due to the movie which ultimately defined the sub genre and inspired a ton of others.

Romero’s second film in his zombie series was titled “Dawn of the Dead” and it was released nearly ten years after the first. “Dawn” is considered a sequel by the director and fans but only in that it contains the same slow moving undead, the location and characters are all new. The plot picks up shortly after the events of “Night” and portrays the United States as a crazed wasteland that’s overridden with unstoppable zombies and lacking in any real authority. The plot follows a small group of desperate refugees who decide to steal a helicopter to flee the city and end up taking shelter in a shopping mall.

In it, a small group of refugees steal a helicopter and take shelter in a mall. They live in moderate comfort among the building’s material goods as, outside, society collapses. In a scene that most fans state is the best in the genre, the mall becomes overrun with zombies and all but two of the survivors make it out alive.

Though not always counted as an actual zombie movie, Stephen King’s Pet Sematary is another good example. Based on a book of the same name, the movie is about a young physician who moves into a rural town in Maine with his small family. Through his next door neighbor, he hears about an Indian burial ground in the forest behind his house that possess the ability to reanimate the dead and he uses it to bring his little girl’s beloved dead cat back to life to ease her pain.

After the tragic death of his young son, the grief stricken doctor turns, once again, to Pet Sematary and ends up bringing back something evil and sinister.

The hit film “28 Days Later” is more of an updated take on the classic zombie genre. In it the antagonists are fast and agile as opposed to slow and stiff. Like Pet Sematary, it is sometimes excluded from the sub genre on account of the “zombies” not being technically dead but rather infected with rare virus. However, the film is a powerful and refreshing take on the genre.

This list’s final movie is one that helped to prove that comedy and zombies could exist peacefully together. It’s called “Zombieland” and it is about four loners who try to find sanctuary in a world that is filled with murderous undead. It also features antagonists that are more ferocious and faster and it manages to weave these elements into a story that’s both funny and dark.

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Sit and Take a Deep Breath… Call of Duty Guide to Strategies Will Let You Win!

January 9, 2012 by Martin Russell  
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Ever since the Treyarch introduced the latest major installment from the Call of Duty series, millions of fans and video gaming enthusiasts bought their copies of the game. Within the month, Black Ops became everybody’s favorite online game all over the universe!

In Japan alone, it undoubtedly reached the top spot among video games, according to the most reliable weekly sales chart. Actually, it already reached an astonishing figure at 128,922 units for Playstation 3! This is three time the Super Fossil Fighters, the closest rival at 42,829 units. The 7th edition gives you several features that are not available in the previous installments.

And because more and more people are rewiring their thinking into testing out their call of duty within this video game, it is strongly suggested to find out from a Call of Duty: Black Ops Strategy Guide to increase your chances of being successful in the game. While playing the missions, it’s best to possess a general idea regarding the weapons that you can employ. Your perfect guide offers you complete information regarding the submachine guns, assault rifles, shotguns, pistols, sniper rifles, launchers, specific weapons, and even some known facts about weapon camouflages and attachments. An ultimate guide usually supplies the players a whole rundown of all the goodies and trophies to win. Strategies on the correct tactics and techniques ought to be elaborated to guide the player unlock them. For instance, in the Sacrifice achievement, all you have to do is to make certain that your team correctly escapes from Cuba. If you successfully do this, achievement points will be granted as a reward.

Rewards and perks of the game should also be appropriately explained. Players really should have a basic kill streak tactics to use successfully. Their corresponding points also needs to be pointed out. It should be noted that Black Ops has different campaigns. An extensive Call of Duty: Black Ops Tactic Guide must provide you with tips for survival especially for Veteran Campaign, because it is the toughest component in gaming. In reality, it’s that challenging that only serious players can pass through it effectively. Patience is very important while playing this campaign. Allow them to lead the way so you would know the location of the enemies. Make sure to duck for cover.

Weapons should always be aimed straight down; it should be ready to take a shot anytime. Be ready to die. Not only that, to get past hazardous locations, often be prepared with your smoke grenades and supplementary concussions.

With a comprehensive Call of Duty: Black Ops Strategy Guide, feel comfortable knowing that you are just one step closer to properly finishing the quests.

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The Best Time To Get a Modded Controller For Gears Of War 3

January 8, 2012 by Joe Goddard  
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All through out the year modded controllers are consistently purchased. However, there are some gaming seasons that certainly prove to be superior when it comes to getting more for your money. Evil Controllers at the moment is the leading and most professional modding company and are close to the launch of some of their latest merchandise. Now is an awesome time to figure out when you should be purchasing your own modded controller.

Having the edge over your opponent is one of the many perks to having a modded controller. One of the best factors about having a modded controller is not only the awe factor but being able to surprise your foe as well. Don’t put off ordering your controller, because you may find yourself behind the times.People will already have ways to beat you knowing that you have controller advantage. These types of players level the playing field, but thinking of strategies to counter balance the controller mods. Therefore, you’ll need to be prepared for their trickier behavior and the best way to do that is to spend a lot of time with your mod.

The next big game to get released will be Gears of War 3 for the 360. So there isn’t a better time to start saving money. Gears of War 3 will be a huge release after it’s 1 year delay, the landscape online will be riddled with newcomers to Gears as well as experts of the franchise. If you want to enjoy the fullest experience with your modded controller, pick up a Gears of War 3 controller as they become available.

The Gears of War 3 controller can will have some of the top mod features such as, rapid fire, active reload, and adjustable rapid fire.Since the game has not yet been released no one can know for sure what will be included in the modded controllers. The three mods just mentioned along with jitter mod and the auto burst are some of the most demanded mods on the market.You can find these mods on some of the past games such as: Gears of War 2, Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops, Halo, etc.

Don’t wait and order your controller after months of hesitation because you’re scared that the game will get patched. Companies like Evil Controllers will allow you to mail your controllers back in for updates. If Gears of War 3 is the game you want to be great at, or the best at, then be sure to order your Gears of War 3 controller as soon as it gets released from a site you can trust.

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New Releases: Games For Your Xbox 360 Slim

January 7, 2012 by Joe Goddard  
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The year 2011 has dozens of quality looking titles coming out. For everyone that’s getting ready for the summer season, we need to start thinking about ‘middle of the year’ gaming. While many of us are waiting for several games to get released for the Xbox 360 Slim, there are many of us that already have games to purchase. Most of us may simply buy the games, but some companies, like Evil Controllers, actually releases great accessories for the more die hard fans. These companies release custom controllers and custom Xbox 360 cases. These products are dedicated to helping you further enjoy your gaming experience.

If you don’t own a 360, at least at the moment, now is a wonderful time to pick up an Xbox 360 Slim since many of us will be on summer break working part time and don’t have class. If this sounds like you, Mortal Kombat should be in your home. Release back in April of this year the game blew away critics with awesome graphics. Setting a unique precedent for fighting games moving forward. The new Mortal Kombat also includes your favorite characters from the franchise and the best part, it’s out now!

Another game that has grabbed a lot of players’ attention and should definitely be one that you should buy is Portal 2. This is the sequel to Portal and has many of the same features, just with a twist and a whole new story. It has the sarcastic talking computer that messes with your character and gives you quite a laugh. This game was released April 21, 2011 so you can pick this up at your local video game store.

For the rest of the year there are still plenty of highly anticipated games coming out for your Xbox 360 Slim. One of these games is Metal Gear Solid: Rising that’s set to release on July 3rd. The main character is Raiden, introduced from Metal Gear Solid 2 rather then Solid Snake, the franchise lead man. Rage is another title to look forward to with a release date of September 13th a week before the huge blockbuster hit, Gears of War 3.

Thanks to the Gears of War 3 Beta, people have already gotten an idea of what Gears will be like and want a lot more. But nothing, no title can match the anticipation that Modern Warfare 3 has by the general public. Little has been revealed about the game’s new mechanics or story, but people expect it to match all of their expectations which grow year by year every time a new Call of Duty game is released.

The year of 2011 is going to be full of huge hits and big releases for some of the most highly anticipated games ever released for Xbox 360 Slim. Every gamer should start saving up their money for all the hot releases to hit the market. Don’t forget if you want to heighten your gaming experience be sure to visit companies like Evil Controllers to see their new products like custom controllers and custom Xbox 360 cases.

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Kotick And Activision Blizzard See Profits Rise Amidst Re-Election

January 6, 2012 by Carly Crutchfield  
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On Thursday June 2, 2011, Activision Blizzard will hold their Annual Shareholders Meeting. As is the case with all publicly traded companies, Activision’s Board of Directors will be reelected by the stockholders. Most online publications are using this voting to speculate that Activision CEO Bobby Kotick may be replaced. However, the success that Activision Blizzard has experienced under Kotick’s leadership this past year make the prospect of him being voted out highly unlikely.

In fact, the re-election of the Board at any shareholder’s meeting is, for all intensive purposes, simply a formality. Of course, should there ever be a real problem with a board member, the shareholders have the power to vote them out.

In Activision Blizzard’s case, for fiscal year 2010 that ended in on December 31, the company’s GAAP earnings per diluted share increased to $0.33, compared with $0.09 per diluted share for 2009. This performance was in part due to the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops, which shattered sales records set by its predecessor Modern Warfare 2.

As CEO of Activision for the past 20 years, Kotick has created some of the industry’s most popular franchises including Call of Duty, Tony Hawk, and Guitar Hero. In addition, Bobby Kotick has orchestrated deals that have shot his company to the top of the multi-billion dollar gaming industry. In 2008, Kotick finalized a merger between Activision and Vivendi Games, which owned Blizzard Entertainment, creators of the blockbuster online subscription-based MMORPG World of Warcraft. This merger resulted in Activision Blizzard which has surpassed Electronic Arts to become world’s largest and most successful video game company.

Beyond being an astute businessman, Kotick is also an enthusiastic philanthropist. He serves on the Board of the Tony Hawk Foundation, a non-profit supporting the creation of skateparks for America’s youth and is a member of the Board of Trustees at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the largest art museum in the Western U.S. In 2009, Kotick made the Call of Duty Endowment using profits from the blockbuster game franchise as a way of giving back. The Endowment’s mission is to raise awareness of veteran’s unemployment and to provide funding to organizations that help veterans with job training and placement after returning from service overseas.

With his successful track record Bobby Kotick has delivered more value to Activision’s shareholders than any of his competitors. And it is not likely his shareholder’s are going to want to give that up anytime soon.

For more information and questions about Bobby Kotick please see here on Kotick

Red Ring Of Death – The 5 Dangers Of Do It Yourself Xbox Repair

January 5, 2012 by John Andrews  
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Think you can repair your Xbox by opening up the console? Some people have successfully done this but there are even more who have attempted self repair and failed. If you want a working Xbox instead of a piece of scrap, be sure to avoid the following 5 hazards:

1.) Using bad or incomplete information.

There are a lot of people on the Internet with their own ideas and theories about how to repair the red ring of death. Any adult, teen, or child with a Youtube account can upload a home made video and be an “expert”. All sorts of methods are shown from very radical Xbox mods to discredited techniques like the towel fix.

Even if the technique discussed is correct, it may be difficult or next to impossible to follow because the explanation and video was poor. Remember that the person providing this information doesn’t have to answer to anyone if his advice causes damage to your console.

Perhaps it may be worth your while to get a repair guide with a guarantee to refund your money if the fix doesn’t work. Before buying the guide, make sure that it has lots of favorable reviews.

2.) Static electricity.

Microelectronics are extremely vulnerable to static discharge. Static discharge is the shock that you sometimes get on a very dry day. This can happen when you shuffle your feet on the carpet and then touch a door handle.

If this should happen to a component in the console, it will be damaged. If it’s very dry, do your repair on another day. Try wearing an anti-static wrist strap and avoid working on carpeting.

The console should be on an anti-static mat or bag when doing your work. Keep all loose console components in an anti-static bag.

3.) Losing or breaking parts.

In addition to fragile parts which are easily damaged, you will end up with lots of small parts that may be misplaced. So take your time and be careful. Don’t proceed to the next step if you aren’t sure of what you’re doing.

4.) Using the wrong parts.

Some very common items are typically used in repairing your console. But this doesn’t give you a free license to use whatever you please.

For example, washers are commonly specified. If you are asked to use one washer, don’t use two. That extra washer can mean the difference between an Xbox that works and one that doesn’t. This also applies to the size of the washer as well as to the material that it’s made from. A metal washer is not the same as a plastic one.

5.) Sloppy application of thermal compound.

It’s a recognized fact that dried up thermal paste can result in overheating that leads to the red ring of death. Don’t apply new thermal compound before cleaning off the old thermal compound. Be careful of using too much because this will lead to overheating. Just use a very thin coat. Arctic Silver is best used for this.

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Easy To Find Download Wii Games Source Online

January 4, 2012 by Barry Penn  
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Since its release, the Nintendo Wii has become one of the most highly recognized game consoles in the industry, most Wii owners and gamers will agree to that statement. The Wii system has transformed the video gaming world, most especially for hardcore Wii gamers. For some gamers, the Wii is much more than just an entertainment system, it is a family oriented gaming device and a workout instrument packed into a single equipment. However, the cost of a single game title can be quite hefty, so Wii owners and gamers are pushed to resort to more inexpensive means to acquire new game releases, such as the Wii games download websites that provide services like free game downloads and unlimited downloads.

As the new games for the Nintendo are coming out, a lot of the Wii gamers have started to notice the increasing costs. This is because the games that are being developed are getting bigger, better, and more sophisticated. There are even games being developed that has workout, or exercise, elements incorporated in them. You are essentially getting a good workout while playing with your Wii system.

As the costs of games for the Nintendo Wii keeps on rising, Wii owners are trying to look for a better alternative source that offers the same good quality games for a fraction of its initial price. Fortunately, there are websites available now that offers Wii spiele download services for less than what retailers are asking for in a single game title. Since Wii games are digital products, it is only fitting that they are marketed online. As a matter of fact, there are already a variety of websites out there that provide several new releases for the Nintendo Wii.

Finding P2P, or Peer-to-Peer, websites and torrent sites are probably one of the most popular methods in acquiring free video games for almost all types of game consoles, including the Nintendo Wii. However, with these kinds of websites, Wii games download service is really not a priority, since it caters to music, movie, TV show, and eBook downloads as well. This one of the reasons why many of the users complain of the long hours of waiting until the download finishes. The price of free service. But one should be wary of spyware, malware, and other malicious software that can infect your system. These sites are teeming with fake files and harmful software.

A good alternative is to look for a trustworthy membership website that offers game downloads for various game consoles, including the Nintendo Wii system. Although these types of websites are not exactly free, but user-friendly features and peace of mind is almost priceless, don’t you think? When you talk about paid memberships, there are actually different levels available, all catering to every member’s preferences and needs. There are pay-per-download plans or limited time downloads. These offerings can be very enticing to any Wii gamer.

For many hardcore Wii gamers, a website that offers unlimited Wii spiele download services is the ultimate nirvana. In fact, these types of websites are really not difficult to look for. What is tricky though is finding one that is reliable and trustworthy. This should concern you since you will be paying for your membership after all. So when you go online to search for game download websites, make sure to check the website’s integrity and reputation before you begin the registration process.

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