Red Ring Of Death – The 5 Dangers Of Do It Yourself Xbox Repair

January 5, 2012 by John Andrews  
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Think you can repair your Xbox by opening up the console? Some people have successfully done this but there are even more who have attempted self repair and failed. If you want a working Xbox instead of a piece of scrap, be sure to avoid the following 5 hazards:

1.) Using bad or incomplete information.

There are a lot of people on the Internet with their own ideas and theories about how to repair the red ring of death. Any adult, teen, or child with a Youtube account can upload a home made video and be an “expert”. All sorts of methods are shown from very radical Xbox mods to discredited techniques like the towel fix.

Even if the technique discussed is correct, it may be difficult or next to impossible to follow because the explanation and video was poor. Remember that the person providing this information doesn’t have to answer to anyone if his advice causes damage to your console.

Perhaps it may be worth your while to get a repair guide with a guarantee to refund your money if the fix doesn’t work. Before buying the guide, make sure that it has lots of favorable reviews.

2.) Static electricity.

Microelectronics are extremely vulnerable to static discharge. Static discharge is the shock that you sometimes get on a very dry day. This can happen when you shuffle your feet on the carpet and then touch a door handle.

If this should happen to a component in the console, it will be damaged. If it’s very dry, do your repair on another day. Try wearing an anti-static wrist strap and avoid working on carpeting.

The console should be on an anti-static mat or bag when doing your work. Keep all loose console components in an anti-static bag.

3.) Losing or breaking parts.

In addition to fragile parts which are easily damaged, you will end up with lots of small parts that may be misplaced. So take your time and be careful. Don’t proceed to the next step if you aren’t sure of what you’re doing.

4.) Using the wrong parts.

Some very common items are typically used in repairing your console. But this doesn’t give you a free license to use whatever you please.

For example, washers are commonly specified. If you are asked to use one washer, don’t use two. That extra washer can mean the difference between an Xbox that works and one that doesn’t. This also applies to the size of the washer as well as to the material that it’s made from. A metal washer is not the same as a plastic one.

5.) Sloppy application of thermal compound.

It’s a recognized fact that dried up thermal paste can result in overheating that leads to the red ring of death. Don’t apply new thermal compound before cleaning off the old thermal compound. Be careful of using too much because this will lead to overheating. Just use a very thin coat. Arctic Silver is best used for this.

Having difficulties with an overheating Xbox 360? Get more Xbox repair information about fixing the Xbox 360 ring of death.

Where to Find Reliable Angry Bird Walkthroughs

December 25, 2011 by Martin Russell  
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Angry Birds isn’t a new hybrid of birds that you’re looking in the zoo. Nor is it a fresh rock band name whose album includes amazingly angry and devastating lyrics set to be released soon.

Angry Birds is actually a puzzle online game that was first unveiled for Apple’s iOS dated back on December of 2009. The action was distributed and circulated by Rovio Mobile that was Finland-based and made an achievement as it sold in excess of 12 million copies from App Store. Today, Angry Birds are actually made from unique variations of versions, particularly for the application of touch-screen-based smart phones.

The Game

Angry Birds weren’t intended to scare you off — as a matter of fact, the angrier they are, the better.

Players come with a slingshot that could assist them to unleash birds as their ammos and target certain structures which are usually stationed with pigs. The primary purpose of the sport is to eliminate their opponents (the pigs) about the playfield. Every successful battle enables the gamers to enter a whole new stage where new birds can be found, upgraded with brilliant abilities and perhaps they are a great deal stronger. The angrier, the better it is. So be sure you nail that stage.

Apple has produced several updates adding to the game content since that time. This game is becoming extremely popular to several game players who become addicted to it. More versions mean more challenges. More challenges mean more angry birds!

More Angry Birds

The game is largely that these birds avenge their eggs which were stolen by the green pigs. These angry birds include destructive weapons to put waste for the pigs’ fortress. The adventure is featured with hours of game play which is stuffed with strategic and challenging castle demolition with its 120 levels that will require skills and logic that will help you to crush the forces of the enemy. So cause the angry birds! And place the pigs with their eternal demise.


If you want to search for Angry Birds Golden Eggs walkthroughs (and beginning to obtain a little frustrated), we already have a major amount of websites offering step by step instructions as well as tutorials of strategies to learn and make use of.

On the other hand, since there are already varieties of versions or adaptations of the game, it can get very difficult to get hold of the suitable data. So be very specific. Research is the main element. Whenever you Google a specific walkthrough, complete it with the sort of version that you will want to play. Also, it’s smart when you know individuals who are already acquainted with the game. Ask tips and the whole manual concerning how to do it.

Certainly, you could wing it and find out the game all on your own — this is actually more chosen as you can savor the game to the fullest. Enjoy! And collect more angry birds!

If you are looking for Angry Birds Walkthrough, then you need to check out these links I provide. You can also get more information here about Angry Birds Golden Eggs.

Here’s How You Can Copy XBOX 360 Games Easily!

December 23, 2011 by Grant Dougan  
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Backing up video games is a lot simpler to do than most people probably think. We’re going to teach you how it may be accomplished in this write-up. There has been a number of questions about it, so maybe this article helps some of you. It’s really simple to do and once you have the right kind of program on your personal computer, you are able to copy any video game you choose.

First of all, let’s look at why you are not able to duplicate games using the same software you would employ to copy audio cds. It’s not possible to rely on these computer programs in order to backup your games.

Video game discs use a form of copyright safeguard on them that is intended to stop your computer from being able to copy them. Your computer can’t read the game data that is on the disc and this puts a stop to it from having the ability to burn the video game.

Even so, these copyright protections can be bypassed by using a video game burning software. If you would like clone your games, you simply need to find a software which is specifically developed to clone video games.

We are not encouraging the illegal duplication of games as an aside. You want to protect your own video games from becoming broken or misplaced which explains why we put this particular article together.

If you want to copy your video games, install one of these software programs and you are all set to go. Duplicating a game requires simply a few clicks of your mouse. You put in the original game and then wait a couple of minutes.

When this step is done, you throw in a blank disc and the game data will be copied onto it, giving you a perfect duplicate of the game. It is a quick method that typically requires 20 minutes or less .

It looks like lots of people think that duplicating game titles is a complicated endeavor, but with the proper game copying program it’s very easy. I have read through a great deal of wrong info on the internet that gives the sense that it requires a lot of steps, but this isn’t true.

A money back promise is a great guarantee to look for when you are shopping for this sort of computer software. This isn’t because I believe you’ll encounter any problems, but there are some software programs which are much better when compared with other softwares. The best programs will provide a guarantee since they know their software program works!

Any video gaming fan can clone games with this sort of computer software on their laptop or computer. Game copying applications make burning any video game an easy thing to do.

Because you now know know how to copy xbox 360 games how about a free trial of the leading video game copying program sound? Click Here for further details!

Bobby Kotick, CEO Activision, A Gamer

December 17, 2011 by Carly Crutchfield  
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Activision Blizzard is the largest videogame makers in the world. As an industry leader, Activision is an easy target for gamers to express their displeasure. Dan Amrich, former videogame journalist and Activision’s social media manager, defended the gaming giant in an interview by saying the maker has not earned all the bad press it receives.

Amrich believes that gamers’ negative feelings began with Activision’s merger with Vivendi Games in 2008. Activision’s CEO Bobby Kotick orchestrated a deal, whereby Vivendi’s Blizzard Entertainment would become a part of Activision. Blizzard Entertainment is responsible for the subscription-based blockbuster World of Warcraft as well as the StarCraft, Warcraft, and Diablo franchises. The merger created Activision Blizzard, the world’s largest and most successful videogame publisher.

Kotick remained CEO after the merger, and he is often the subject of criticism. Amrich maintains that there exists a great deal of misinformation with regards to Kotick and that he is a natural target as the man at the top.

Many critics claim Kotick is not a fan of videogames, and only cares about only making profits. However, Kotick has spent the last twenty years rebuilding an insolvent videogame publisher, and says that because of his responsibilities as a single father he cannot play videogames as much as he would like to. He also reminds critics that he played a lot of games during high school and college which is what fueled his dedication for games to begin with.

“It comes with the territory,” said Amrich regarding negative public opinion for Activision. “In gaming, we are all trained from birth to root for the underdog. Activision is a multi-billion dollar corporation with a string of hit franchises, global success, and market leadership. That does not sound too much like an underdog to me.”

While Activision Blizzard may foster mixed emotions among gamers, the company is still responsible for some of the most successful videogame titles in history. Since Bobby Kotick became CEO in 1991, Activision has produced blockbuster titles including the Tony Hawk Pro Skater, Guitar Hero, and Call of Duty series.

For more information or questions in regards to Bobby Kotick or Activision please see here on Kotick

Providing a Chance for a New Game

December 15, 2011 by Ram Collins  
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Once you are used to doing something, you don’t want to make ways for other stuff. This also includes trying out new video games or even attempting to use a new game console. You have to be insightful that just because you have not adapted to a new game does not mean that there’s a problem to that system. Mentioned below are some tips to overcome an obstacle and finally make room for new games.

1. You have to accept that no matter how expert you are in playing video games, there will always be a situation when you will commit an error. As we all know, nobody and nothing is perfect and that includes the video game and you. But you also have to be mindful that just because you made a blunder doesn’t mean you’re stupid. So in case you make a lot of mistakes, it is best to slow down, learn from your errors and try the game the second time around. If you really considered yourself as an elite player, don’t you think that the game is worth playing if you made several errors due to its difficulty? Think about it.

2. Play a new game when you’re “in the mood”. What a fast-paced world we live in! So fast, that we mistakenly expect to understand a game within the first 5 minutes of putting into the console! Then when we’re not sure of what to do, the game becomes confusing, or just dumb. Never try a new game when you’re not in the mood to or when you’re in a rush. New games require patience and a thorough read of its manual.

3. Have enough optimism as you play the new game. Even though you think that a certain game seems so prosaic, it will always produce something that is good. So when trying to play a new type of game, it is best to look the bright side of the game and not only focus on the negative part. By following this approach, you’ll love the game before you even realize it.

4. Don’t be such a know it all. In other words, don’t be blinded by your own conceit or skills in a particular genre of games that you close yourself off to new ways of accomplishing tasks. The biggest room is the room for improvement and your room is no exception. Understand that the game you’re playing may have something new to teach you about gaming as a whole. Then revel in it.

5. Never stop playing the new game. Anyone who is willing to try something usually does not totally like it in just how many hours. Continue playing it unless you have really confirmed that the game is not suitable for you.

6. Play the video game alone. The problem with trying a new game with a friend is that you can never shun yourself from considering your friend’s comments and you will most likely have a bad assessment towards the game. But if you play the new game all by yourself, you can make some feedback using your own way of thinking and not from others.

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Getting New Ideas for Video Games

December 12, 2011 by Ram Collins  
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It is never easy when talking about making new video games. You have to apply art in designing it and that’s what makes it difficult. The moment you get an idea, you can already perceive that it’s not that exciting to play.

In order to make your new game creative and fun, here are some methods that can aid you.

1. Do the unexpected. This is probably one of the hardest things for linear programmers to do because as software developers, programmers are trained to keep everything working in some sort of straight, logical order. To make this work, game programmers are going to have to give themselves permission to go nuts – to do the unexpected and not obsess over the consequences. As good training for all of us, doing the unexpected is a freeing experience that opens our minds to workable possibilities we probably wouldn’t consider otherwise. These are possibilities that could make your video stand out from the crowd of copy-cats.

2. Design the video game for a specific audience. Choose a unique audience to design your game for and make sure that every character, scene, subplot, and strategy caters to the interest of this audience. But don’t pick a typical audience – go crazy. Design your game as if a dog were the player, a computer mouse, or even a stack of pancakes. Let your imagination go wild and you’ll see a new world unfold before you.

3. Imagine that you’re the video game. If you were the video game that you’re designing, how would you want to be played? Attempting to answer this question should set you off on quite a creative spree of new and original ideas (if not one hell of a giggling session). Don’t just throw the goofy ideas that you get from this exercise into the trash bin. Seriously think of how to implement them into your video game. This strategy is sure to put you on the gaming map.

4. Substitute. Using one object in the place of another is another sure way of coming up with cool ideas for video game, and in certain situations, it’s the only way to dream up something fresh and new. When it seems that you just can’t come up with a new slant, you’re best bet is to replace a typical, predictable character with a lively, cute and helpful soda can. Or replace a typical, predictable plot with some bizarre scene out of a dream. Remember: nothing is irreplaceable.

5. Lastly, never design a game where the player can already foretell the ending scenes. It is always best to design something randomly and that can surprise a player since he or she didn’t expect that kind of occurrence. Design several unexpected outcomes and it can surely motivate the player to persist on playing since he or she would surely find a way to witness those surprising scenes.

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How To Pick The Finest Flight Simulator Game

November 30, 2011 by Brett Woodson  
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There are several flight simulator programs available today. If you want to uncover the simplest flight simulator programs available on the market, you will require to do a look.

There are a number of major variables to look for when trying to find an ideal program. It’s crucial that your flight simulation program search as real as possible. Some programs let’s say console games do not search as real as you would hope.

To avoid the false simulation, purchase software that provides life like animation even if you have to pay just a little more for it one can find that it will be worth it in the end. Playing the game with real looking search will build flying much more enjoyable. You also want to check the scenery that comes on every single program.

If you want a straightforward scenery then any game will do but you most likely want the scenery that will manufacture you feel like you are in fact flying. You would like to soar above towns and cities or go over lakes and rivers and be ready to visit each detail of the airports.

Look for different scenery solutions to improve your game. The final factor to look for is the ability to fly the airplane. Is the airliner simulation realistic or is it one that lacks creativity? Sometimes the significant reason for flying can be clouded with a game like feel. For the most effective flight simulator games, do your research and discover the one that works finest for you.

It’s finest to read all the testimonials one can regarding the simplest flight simulation software. These critical reviews are posted by consumers who have already purchased the program and want to alert other clients on which is a perfect program to acquire. These evaluations will aid you spend your capital where you want it to be spent.

I hope you found this article about the best flight simulator for pc helpful. If you still don’t know what the best flight simulator for PC in 2011 is, then do a quick search around and look at the reviews. You should find some great information there.

Expand Your Gaming Possibilities With A Wii Softmod

November 24, 2011 by Jeremy Winters  
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Wii Softmod is a method of employing software to modify the intended actions of different hardware units installed in a Wii video game console. It mainly will help to safely unlock the Wii unit and adjust the hardware limitations initially intended by the manufacturer. The software can be easily bought from both online and offline stores. This Wii software currently is growing in popularity because it enables gamers to utilize third-party DVDs copied from licensed games, or run programs straight from an external USB peripheral or a secure digital card.

The procedure of softmodding a console is uncomplicated and can be carried out in a speedy manner. It avoids the need of installing a modchip or separating the unit case to complete the process. The major requirement is to obtain a highly compatible SD card with a memory of about 1 to 2 GB by doing a proper evaluation of the different models offered in the marketplace. In addition it’s important to look for free websites that help you to unlock a Wii in a dependable and convenient way. It’s, however, essential to make sure that the files downloaded from the websites do not have any virus that might cause harm to the computer.

The other major aspect is not to disrupt or discard the power supply when the console is being updated. Also, it would be most effective to perform softmodding employing a software option rather than installing a chip. Because a Wii softmod won’t just help to keep the warranty of your system intact but in turn will assist to very easily restore back the original settings at any time.

Steps to Softmod a Console

The initial step will be to format an SD card in the “fat” file system. It is essential to take out memory cards along with other GameCube controllers installed in the game system. After this, the software as well as the newest freeware edition of Homebrew channel (HBC) needs to be downloaded to the computer. The files then need to be saved on the SD card reader and later placed into your console to uninstall the softmod software and HBC application loader. In the process, it is necessary to backup NAND, and additionally load the Homebrew channel software to start up the Bootmii installer.

With a US gaming console, it’s very important to download and extract the ModPack to the SD card. Subsequently it’s necessary to start HBC by clicking on the link “home” to restart the Bootmmi installer until eventually the multi-mod manager tool starts up. After installing all of the wad files is complete, various helpful applications may be downloaded to unlock the system.

The Wii Softmod is quite worthwhile and helps gamers to enjoy a variety of personalized back-up games, imported video games from other regions, and in addition enjoy games from Sega Genesis, Nintendo 64, and other classic gaming units employing a person’s own Wii system.

Would you like to enjoy the benefits of a Wii softmod but aren’t sure how to go about it? Be sure to visit my site to find out how to do a softmod Wii on your system.

What Does A Gaming Computer Need?

November 18, 2011 by Owen Jones  
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In order for any article of apparatus to function it needs to have certain requirements met. For instance, most pieces of equipment need electricity, but there are other, more delicate devices that have more specific requirements. Computer programs are a decent instance of these. All computer programs need a minimum amount of memory and a definite minimum speed processor to run in.

Computer games are just computer programs, albeit very specialized ones and they have very precise requirements too. Computer games generally need speed, which means plenty of processing power to read the game/program itself and read the directions from peripherals such as the gaming console.

Therefore, in order to play the faster games, you really require a high spec machine – a much faster machine than you need to run an office and you can browse the Net on a computer that is ten years old.

Another factor in the gaming industry is that the games designers all use the latest and greatest apparatus on the market in order create and test their concepts. Therefore, the end user will have to use comparable equipment in order to get the most from their games.

The minimum needs for playing a game are usually written on the box. Pay attention to the minimum speed of processor; minimum graphics card; minimum RAM; minimum monitor resolution.

The CPU or processor’s speed is normally the stumbling block for gamers. A computer is soon out of date. You can usually upgrade the processor for two or three years, but after that you might need a new motherboard or even a new computer. Units of speed are measured in MHz and GHz (1,000 MHz is equal to 1 GHz). An office computer will gladly run most office programs at 2 GHz – 2.5GHz, but you will require 3+ GHz to run most games.

RAM is also terribly critical for games because this is the region within a computer that holds the information that has to get processed most frequently or simply next. Everything else gets written to disk even if it is only for a few seconds. Therefore, the larger the RAM, the less saving to and reading from disk, which takes comparatively a lot more time. Office machines are happy with 2 GB, games machines may need 3-4 GB. Four or five years ago, most people were glad with 500 MB or even 1,000 MB (or 1 GB).

Video RAM (VRAM) used to get borrowed from RAM, which was a bit of a con, really. These days, high-spec machines have their own VRAM. Have as much as you can, but minimum 500-1,000 MB. VRAM is used by the video card to manage the graphics.

Hard Disk capacity used to be a concern but hardly ever is these days. Games are usually loaded from a CD drive or a flash card, but you need a minimum amount of free HD space to save back and forth to (see RAM above). One note here though, if you are buying a new HD or CD drive, go for the fastest you can afford, but most of them are good enough nowadays. The same with monitors.

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What to Expect from the New and Long Awaited For PlayStation 3

November 10, 2011 by Ram Collins  
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It is a fact that playing with game consoles is much more fun than playing the same games on your PC. Maybe it’s because the games load faster on gaming consoles, or maybe because the reason why playing games on game consoles is much more fun than playing it on your PC is because of the controller.

Regardless of any reason, playing games on a console can offer a much diverse experience as compared with playing on a computer. Consoles like PS mainly focus their processes on the game itself unlike PC games that involve a lot of different systems or software in order for it to run smoothly.

With game consoles, the processing unit mainly focuses on the individual performance of the game and doesn’t require other programs or applications like with the traditional PC games.

Next up, another reason why some people find playing console games more fun than PC games is due to its controllers. With computers, you are required to buy a controller or joystick just to make the game more convenient and fun to play unlike that of gaming consoles which are partnered with console controllers that are mainly designed for the games you are playing.

PlayStation 3 game controllers are small in size and it has an easy to hold feature that allows your hand to comfortably handle the game console controller.

Firstly, the PlayStation 3 is the most fervently anticipated game console this year. This game console will be officially released on November 2006 Japan, United States and Canada and on March 2007 on Europe and Australasia. The PlayStation 3 has so many features that can benefit gamers. It is integrated with a very powerful 3.2 Gigahertz CPU and is also integrated with a separate and also very powerful graphics processor unit or GPU.

The latest PS3 controller also provides the user with a much better gaming experience with different games of PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and 3. Regardless of the fact that the controller may look identical with the recently used controllers of PS, the new one can offer a more beneficial gaming experience for gamers.

With Bluetooth capability, PlayStation 3 controllers are wireless. Bluetooth enables you to play with PlayStation 3 with maximum comfort because you won’t be confined to one area anymore. There will be no wires to restrict you from going as far away from the TV as the Bluetooth range will allow. For example, if you set up your PlayStation 3 in your bedroom, you can now play with your favorite PlayStation, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation 3 games even if you lie down on your bed, which can be too far away from the PlayStation 3 game console if it has wired controllers.

An added feature of the new PS3 controllers is its multi-axis motion sensing system which enables the gamer to connect with the game. Not only does the controller serve as a medium for the gamer to control the characters of the game but can also act as an innate extension of the gamer with great accuracy.

PlayStation 3 will also be able to support up to 7 controllers via the Bluetooth technology integrated in the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 3 controllers.

With the use of PlayStation 3 console and controllers, the user will be provided with the best gaming experience with comfort and fun while playing your favorite PS games.

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