Call of the Dead Beginners Guideline – The Black Ops Call of Duty

February 15, 2012 by Martin Russell  
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A lot of people aren’t enjoying Dead Ops just as much as other maps of the series. I feel the community isn’t confident with the game form. Here are a few tips to help beginners with the Dead Ops. Here they are.

1. Make sure to maintain your distance from the zombies. This game operates like Geometry Wars. Being touched by zombies will cost you your cash and your life. If you want to stay number 1 you will learn in an attempt to not get cornered where zombies start accumulating on the screen.

2. Power-ups are useful but they have very limited time. If you walk on the screen you will notice one or more power-up such as a flamethrower or even a chicken. Try not to get them instantly. They act just like the nuke, double points, insta-kill, and many others. from typical zombies. They usually have limited time prior to disappearing. Once they begin to blink you will know they will run out. So just use these once the action begins to get hairy or in case you are getting near the end of a level.

3. Nukes and speed boost might be fun but do not utilize them instantly. Use them when you absolutly need them.

4. Money is the way you will survive longer in the game. Pick up as much as you can as quickly as you can. These provide you with extra lives every 200,000 points.

5.Sometimes, there will be bonus rooms. Pick up all the cash as fast as you are able to but hold off until you’ve got all of the money to pick up the power-ups.

Remember these pointers and you’ll improve. Have a great time!

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