The Art Of Gold Mining

January 12, 2012 by Daniel Horne  
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Since the second century many people have been gold mining in one way or another. Some experts believe that mining was started in India. It is almost impossible to prove were it all began though. As the years have gone by various different methods have been used to varying degrees of success. During the gold rush in California which happened between eighteen forty eight and eighteen fifty five many new methods were discovered and quickly caught on with the rest of the world.

One of the first techniques used was the very basic method known as panning. Here people would fill a large shallow pan with gravel and sand which could contain the precious metal. The pan would then be submerged in some water and then shaken gently. The metal would quickly separate from the other materials and settle at the bottom. This is a simple and effective method but is not suitable for extracting large amounts of gold.

Another simple method that was commonly used is called dredging. This includes the use of a machine and a hose which was used to suck the materials from the seabed into a sluice box where the metal can be extracted. These days this method has been replaced by more effective methods but a few people do still use this, possibly as a hobby.

In years gone by the majority of people would look for gold by wading through riverbeds and using different techniques such as those already mentioned. This is mainly done by people as a hobby now because most of the worlds gold now comes from beneath the earth. To get to it large corporations spend a lot of money on technology and experts to help locate the areas to be mined.

These companies employ the use of geologist to help find the ideal areas for digging. They then expertly drill many hundreds of meters below the earths surface through hard rock. Gold mining through this hard rock produces the majority of our worlds supply of the precious metal.

There is no doubt that this is an exceptional metal which has a high value and also lots of different uses. During the medieval times it was used as medicine to help cure various diseases because it was thought that a metal this striking must be good for a persons health. These days it is used for whole host of things including fillings for our teeth and ingredients for our food.

It is a widely used metal and will be most notable for use in the making of certain jewelry. In many Asian countries it has a lot of religious importance. The versatility and importance of this metal goes even further. It is a high electrical conductive material and so is used in things like personal computers, televisions and many other electrical equipment.

The worlds supply of the most amazing metal seems to be endless but it has become less easy to find. New inventive ways of finding it will no doubt always be developed as technology advances. Mining is big business these days and the gold is more valuable than ever before.

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The Appeal Of The Gold Miner Game

November 29, 2011 by Daniel Horne  
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Growing numbers of people are tapping in to the global communications network. With the steady advancement of technology, even hard to reach areas are being connected. The greater the populace tapped in, the more profuse the possibilities for being introduced to different things. The video gaming industry has profited immensely from this fact. Now that users are able to play online, titles like Gold Miner Game are making a name for themselves.

It seems there are untold numbers of video games being offered today. From epic space operettas, to tennis simulations, there seems to be something for everyone. Sports titles are incredibly popular and any number of different types of sports are offered. In truth, it’s not too hard to find a title that represents almost any subject one can imagine.

Traveling through, and fighting within space have always been popular gaming subjects. But, for every title centered around fighting of some kind, there are thousands that don’t go anywhere near combat. Dancing, swimming, karaoke, and chess are all subjects available from different platforms. Role playing games are also popular.

The internet has forever altered the gaming experience. For decades, the only way to play video games was by yourself, or against one other person. And, the person you were playing would have to be right there with you. So many gamers across the world have wished to be able to play their friends in other places.

With the advent of online gaming, everything changed. The person you are playing doesn’t even have to be in the same country anymore. The impact can even be felt in games that are non-combative. Playing certain games is all about getting the highest score. After a while, you’re competing against yourself to beat your high score. Now, players end up competing with high scores set by people all over the place.

The online aspect also mostly eliminates the need for arcades. One has but to log in from anywhere they can get online. Many titles have technologically progressed to the point where the level of realism is stunning. Some of them look like the trailers for action films with ridiculously expensive budgets and crazy visual effects.

There will always be those who favor simpler games. Versions like this often times seem to become inexplicably addictive for many people. Other titles fall into the category of versions that start out simplistic, but evolve as they receive more popularity. It is not uncommon for titles like this to end up producing several versions of an original.

Gold Miner Game is an example of a simple style title that is steadily evolving. In the ‘classic’ version, you use a claw to reel in nuggets as fast as you can. It requires a bit of accuracy, a bit of strategy, and some speed. Since the first version was released, several further titles have been developed. There’s a Vegas version, a two player version, and several others where additional features have been added to each edition. It’s like watching a system evolve and become more complicated before your eyes.

The gold miner game is a modern classic. You may enjoy it and many other gold mining games that can be played online.