A Beginners Guide To Deer Hunting

February 5, 2012 by Daniel Horne  
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Deer hunting can be quite a daunting proposition for the aspiring or novice hunter. It is a sport that involves taking another life and hence should be approached with the utmost care and attention. Equipped with the correct amount of preparation, knowledge and apparatus it can be a very fulfilling pursuit.

The types of deer that are hunted is wide and varied. In North America, white tailed, mule, and blacktailed deer are sought depending on the location. In the United Kingdom, there are many other species including red, roe, fallow, muntjac and Sika deer. Hunting is done during seasons that are determined by locality and also by species. The beginner must be aware of the season dates for their region.

Stalking prey is a common way of hunting. Once a trail has been found, it is followed as quietly as possible until the quarry is spotted. Also stand techniques are very popular, a technique whereby the hunter does not move around but stays in a tree stand or a ground blind. The tree stand is made in the required area at a height, anywhere between two to fifteen feet. They are often situated at the edge of crop fields. A ground blind is usually some form of tent or hide that has been camouflaged. There is also still techniques where the hunter pursues the animal by following quietly and hiding when necessary.

Line drives can be utilized if hunting is done in groups, hunters walking in a line to drive the prey towards other huntsmen. Tree blinds and ground blinds can also be employed using this method. If the terrain involves large open spaces such as mountainous regions spot and stalk hunting can be used. In this case, prey is first spotted before being stalked.

Baits such as apples and potatoes can be employed to draw the game towards the hunter though this is not allowed in some areas. It can be advantageous as it places the animal in an ideal position for a clean shot. Where baits are not allowed scents and calls can be used as a lure. Scents can also be used to cover the hunters own scent. It is always advisable to sit in a location where your scent is blown away from the approaching animals.

Most deer tend to rest after feeding in the morning therefore getting up before dawn and ensuring the hunter is in their stand or blind before sunrise is good practice. They will begin moving again towards sunset so an afternoon to early evening session will also maximize the hunting time available.

The most common equipment to use for hunting are bows and rifle, however crossbows, handguns and shotguns can be used. The different types of weapons that are permissible can differ by region as well as having different seasons. Also a minimum calibre is required, for rifles this is . 243 to avoid any undue suffering to the prey. Whether it be bow, rifle or handgun it must be properly maintained and should at all times be operated correctly. A poor weapon or poor handling can result in the deer suffering badly or even cause injury to the huntsman.

Basically, practice makes perfect. The better one is on the shooting range, the higher the chance one has of bagging some game quickly and cleanly. Many hours practicing marksmanship from a variety of angles and positions must be endured before one considers going on an actual hunt. It should be utmost in the hunters mind that a quick clean kill is desirable. By paying attention to wind direction, being as quiet ans as still as possible, understanding your quarry as well as your equipment will all make for a more fulfilling deer hunting trip.

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Engaging In Hunting Games To Increase Social And Environmental Awareness

December 20, 2011 by Daniel Horne  
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We all have a role in our society. Practically we engage ourselves in various social activities to increase our network, support a cause and have fun. Most extreme sport enthusiasts and nature lovers engage in fishing and hunting games to improve alertness, awareness and health. It is like traveling back to the age of innocence. It is a relaxing activity that brings us closer to nature making the experience memorable for any adventurous soul.

Hunting and fishing sports have other benefits aside from satisfying our frustrations. It helps our community raise fund for wildlife conservation and balance wildlife population. Every hunter knows that they should gain a license before they can hunt. They should also have a guide to ensure that they are not hunting or fishing for endangered species. You are engaging in this activity to enjoy Nature not to ravage the environment. As a hunter, your responsibility is know what is suitable for the ecosystem. License fee vary per state. It would be a good idea to call your local wildlife authorities to inquire.

Some hunters treat these activities as a cause. Since they hunt for edible preys they donate it to feed the needy raising the awareness that one does not need to spend too much just to feed themselves. Nature is sufficient enough to provide our basic needs. Taking advantage of it is not a bad idea. If our ancestors were able to survive their generation without fast food chains then we can survive today using this aged old skill if only given enough time.

We do not need to be greedy when hunting. We can feed others using our prize. This will help others appreciate Nature more. Obviously we can survive even without food delivery. Nature is evidently abundant enough to sustain our needs. We are just too busy to notice it. Sharing our blessings with others will encourage them to pursue such hobby and can contribute to your environmental cause.

When venturing into the wild it is also a good idea to bring other survival tools. Obviously it takes hours and even days to win your prize. Take a canteen with you to quench your thirst. Packed in a few shirts, some canned goods, camping equipment and a good book to accompany you in the journey. A compass and a map are also helpful to give you directions. Do not forget your torch, a match or lightweight rechargeable lamp if you intend to do this overnight.

Hunting raises our ecological awareness. Interacting with nature allows us to be more appreciative of our natural resource. A day in the wild opens our understanding of how our ecosystem works. As the highest form of being in the planet we should be more responsible in protecting Mother Earth.

We can teach our children this value. It is a perfect bonding trip for you and your family. Until the HR department rewards your vacation leave take an hour to play with them using online games designed for this purpose. It is entertaining, informative and a good bonding activity with the kids. It gives the same excitement without the dangers of personally interacting with the wild.

Taking advantage of hunting games prepares an individual in the jungle of his own realm. Hunting a prey is like reaching our dreams. We get to pursue it, strategically plan for its capture and grab the opportunity when it is in our midst. If we fail then we have to run after it again and create a new plan until we have successfully entrapped your goal.

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