Expand Your Gaming Possibilities With A Wii Softmod

November 24, 2011 by Jeremy Winters  
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Wii Softmod is a method of employing software to modify the intended actions of different hardware units installed in a Wii video game console. It mainly will help to safely unlock the Wii unit and adjust the hardware limitations initially intended by the manufacturer. The software can be easily bought from both online and offline stores. This Wii software currently is growing in popularity because it enables gamers to utilize third-party DVDs copied from licensed games, or run programs straight from an external USB peripheral or a secure digital card.

The procedure of softmodding a console is uncomplicated and can be carried out in a speedy manner. It avoids the need of installing a modchip or separating the unit case to complete the process. The major requirement is to obtain a highly compatible SD card with a memory of about 1 to 2 GB by doing a proper evaluation of the different models offered in the marketplace. In addition it’s important to look for free websites that help you to unlock a Wii in a dependable and convenient way. It’s, however, essential to make sure that the files downloaded from the websites do not have any virus that might cause harm to the computer.

The other major aspect is not to disrupt or discard the power supply when the console is being updated. Also, it would be most effective to perform softmodding employing a software option rather than installing a chip. Because a Wii softmod won’t just help to keep the warranty of your system intact but in turn will assist to very easily restore back the original settings at any time.

Steps to Softmod a Console

The initial step will be to format an SD card in the “fat” file system. It is essential to take out memory cards along with other GameCube controllers installed in the game system. After this, the software as well as the newest freeware edition of Homebrew channel (HBC) needs to be downloaded to the computer. The files then need to be saved on the SD card reader and later placed into your console to uninstall the softmod software and HBC application loader. In the process, it is necessary to backup NAND, and additionally load the Homebrew channel software to start up the Bootmii installer.

With a US gaming console, it’s very important to download and extract the ModPack to the SD card. Subsequently it’s necessary to start HBC by clicking on the link “home” to restart the Bootmmi installer until eventually the multi-mod manager tool starts up. After installing all of the wad files is complete, various helpful applications may be downloaded to unlock the system.

The Wii Softmod is quite worthwhile and helps gamers to enjoy a variety of personalized back-up games, imported video games from other regions, and in addition enjoy games from Sega Genesis, Nintendo 64, and other classic gaming units employing a person’s own Wii system.

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