New Releases: Games For Your Xbox 360 Slim

January 7, 2012 by Joe Goddard  
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The year 2011 has dozens of quality looking titles coming out. For everyone that’s getting ready for the summer season, we need to start thinking about ‘middle of the year’ gaming. While many of us are waiting for several games to get released for the Xbox 360 Slim, there are many of us that already have games to purchase. Most of us may simply buy the games, but some companies, like Evil Controllers, actually releases great accessories for the more die hard fans. These companies release custom controllers and custom Xbox 360 cases. These products are dedicated to helping you further enjoy your gaming experience.

If you don’t own a 360, at least at the moment, now is a wonderful time to pick up an Xbox 360 Slim since many of us will be on summer break working part time and don’t have class. If this sounds like you, Mortal Kombat should be in your home. Release back in April of this year the game blew away critics with awesome graphics. Setting a unique precedent for fighting games moving forward. The new Mortal Kombat also includes your favorite characters from the franchise and the best part, it’s out now!

Another game that has grabbed a lot of players’ attention and should definitely be one that you should buy is Portal 2. This is the sequel to Portal and has many of the same features, just with a twist and a whole new story. It has the sarcastic talking computer that messes with your character and gives you quite a laugh. This game was released April 21, 2011 so you can pick this up at your local video game store.

For the rest of the year there are still plenty of highly anticipated games coming out for your Xbox 360 Slim. One of these games is Metal Gear Solid: Rising that’s set to release on July 3rd. The main character is Raiden, introduced from Metal Gear Solid 2 rather then Solid Snake, the franchise lead man. Rage is another title to look forward to with a release date of September 13th a week before the huge blockbuster hit, Gears of War 3.

Thanks to the Gears of War 3 Beta, people have already gotten an idea of what Gears will be like and want a lot more. But nothing, no title can match the anticipation that Modern Warfare 3 has by the general public. Little has been revealed about the game’s new mechanics or story, but people expect it to match all of their expectations which grow year by year every time a new Call of Duty game is released.

The year of 2011 is going to be full of huge hits and big releases for some of the most highly anticipated games ever released for Xbox 360 Slim. Every gamer should start saving up their money for all the hot releases to hit the market. Don’t forget if you want to heighten your gaming experience be sure to visit companies like Evil Controllers to see their new products like custom controllers and custom Xbox 360 cases.

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